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Possibly the most subjective piece of gear you will own. Here you will find what to look for in muay thai gloves. Beginners save money now and start your research for your upgrades!

Shin Guards

Conditioning your shins will come in time, but protect them now and don't feel as bad kicking your friends when sparring. PLUS, some extras to help you avoid ripping your achilles skin.


Traditional Muay Thai shorts are a popular design but now there are more options. From material to features, I will explain the pros and cons.


Why You Can Trust This Site and Me For Muay Thai Gear

There is no problem not knowing what to buy, especially when you are just starting out. It is intimidating making sure you have a respected brand and your gear has the best design for Muay Thai.

Luckily, I am wildly analytical and have a ton of experience with analysis paralysis. You are going to benefit from hours of research including watching videos, reading other review sites, contacting the brands themselves, and trying out the gear.

I promise to be honest with you and share our experience.

PLUS, I created this site to help my friends and fellow students make easy decisions. It is a labor of love, so you get my passion and not my attempt to sell you something you don't need. The only way I get paid is through affiliate links. If you click on a product you like and purchase it, I get the smallest amount in return. This does not sway our suggestions in any way.


Not every gym requires you to get your own headgear. But, I suggest you do. You don't know if the last person cleaned them properly, and that is NOT a problem you want.

Mouth Guards

It is way more expensive to fix a chipped tooth than to have a mouth guard...or two...or maybe even 20 or more. Get the point?

Hand Wraps

Seems basic, right? A wrap around your hand. What about size, elastic vs non, slip-ons (with gel!)...get the idea?

Foot/Ankle Wraps

Much like hand wraps but for the opposite end of your body. After a few kicks, you'll see why I recommend them.

Elbow Pads

When the time comes and your gym allows you to spar with elbows, you will need pads. Your partner doesn't want a split eyebrow.

Knee Pads

Another buffer that allows you to throw a little harder but not hurt your partner. Plus, protect your joints as you get older.

"Thai" Pads

These are the most popular pads at your gym. However, sometimes the gyms are destroyed, so own a pair.

Focus Mitts

Great for increasing accuracy and speed. These little pads have huge benefits and can be used anywhere.

Belly Pads

Conditioning your abs in the beginning is great! As you level up, the teeps get tougher!

Strike Shield

This is a very versatile pad and there are slight features that matter quite a bit. You will love this for training with strong kickers.

Thigh Pads

Dead legs hurt! Believe me, I will get to a great story in here of a week long dead leg. These also help you flex into kicks.


What's more important than a cool graphic? Discover why I choose certain materials, length, and brands.

Gym Bags

A big duffel works and so does a backpack. But, what if you ride a motorcycle - where are the waterproof bags? See our suggestions.

Clean Your Muay Thai Gloves

How to Clean Muay Thai Gloves

February 26, 20236 min read

How to Clean Muay Thai Gloves

Why Do Your Gloves Stink

The simple answer is bacteria. The gloves absorb your (and your partner's) sweat, blood, spit, and other bodily fluids, then bacteria grows. The smell of Muay Thai gloves is most likely to come from sweat and other body fluids that accumulate during workouts. Cleaning and drying your gear properly after each use will go a long way toward reducing the stinky odor emanating from your gloves.

If you have beginner Muay Thai gear, create good cleaning habits now and it will last you much longer.

There are three major parts to this process:

Cleaning - gets all the bad stuff off the gloves

Disinfecting - kills all the bacteria

Drying - doesn't allow bacteria to grow

Clean Your Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai Glove Cleaning and Odor Prevention

Clean Right After Training

Cleaning boxing gloves right after training is important to keep bacteria and odor away, as well as prevent a higher risk of infections. Any sweat, dirt or blood that is left in gloves can breed bacteria over time, and no amount of airing out is going to keep it from happening. It's also important to disinfect your gloves regularly in order to stop the spread of staph infections and other illnesses that could be passed around through shared gym equipment.

How To Your Muay Thai Gloves At The Gym Right After Training

Spray and wipes can be a great way to quickly and effectively clean boxing gloves. It is important to start by wiping down the outside of the gloves with a clean cloth, followed by spraying the entire glove with an antibacterial spray cleaner. After that, you will need to use a soft brush or sponge to scrub all of the areas on the glove that are hardened with sweat and dirt. Then, rinse off the cleaners from your gloves, and allow them to air dry completely before storing them away.

Gloves Deodorizer

Boxing glove deodorizers are products designed to freshen up boxing gloves in between uses. They usually come in small packages that fit into the gloves and contain a combination of natural compounds like baking soda, activated charcoal, and essential oils. The deodorizers absorb moisture and break down sweat molecules, which helps reduce odors. Additionally, they are designed to protect the gloves against bacterial growth, so your hands stay cleaner and more germ-free while you practice or compete.

Wear Handwraps

Hand wraps are essential in helping boxing gloves not smell, as they provide an additional layer of protection between the boxer’s skin and the gloves. Hand wraps also absorb sweat, which is one of the main causes of odor in boxing gloves. Furthermore, these hand wraps also help protect against cuts, abrasions, and blisters that can often occur while engaging in intense boxing training or sparring. By properly using and regularly washing and replacing boxing hand wraps, boxers can keep their gear clean and odor-free for a longer period of time.

Do NOT Leave Your Gloves in Your Bag Overnight

Leaving your boxing gloves in your bag overnight can be detrimental to their condition. While most boxing gloves are made from leather or synthetic material, the moisture in the air can cause them to mildew and mold. Furthermore, high humidity levels can make the material stiff and brittle, reducing the effectiveness of the gloves for sparring or punching. In addition, bacteria and fungi growth can potentially spread to other items in your gym bag, causing further contamination. To avoid this, it is best to remove all items from your bag each night and if possible allow them to dry off before storing them away again.

Moisture and Odor Absorbing

Keeping your boxing gloves dry is essential to maintain their optimal performance and reduce the risk of bacteria and unpleasant odors. To keep your gloves dry, avoid leaving them in wet or damp places after training and take them out of your bag. Additionally, at the end of each training session, it is important to stuff your gloves with something to absorb moisture and remove odor. These include:

Silica gel packets: These packets contain a porous material that absorbs moisture from the air. They are typically small and easy to insert into gloves, and can be recharged by heating them in an oven or microwave.

Bamboo charcoal: Bamboo charcoal is a natural material that is highly absorbent and has antimicrobial properties. It can be placed inside gloves to help absorb sweat and eliminate odors.

Newspaper: Tired and true! To use newspaper to dry your gloves, simply stuff the gloves with crumpled up newspaper after each use. The newspaper will absorb the moisture and help the gloves dry faster

Washing Your Boxing Gloves

I know you won't do this often, but try to do it once a month or quarter. Washing boxing gloves is an important step in maintaining them for long-term use. For best results, hand wash the gloves using only a mild anti-bacterial soap with lukewarm water. Avoid using strong detergents that can break down foam and leather material, which will reduce their lifespan. Rinse the gloves with cold water to remove all traces of soap, and then pat them dry lightly with a towel. Lay your gloves on a drying rack or hang them up away from direct sunlight to ensure they don’t become brittle or discolored over time.

Can I Use The Sun To Dry Gloves?

The sun is a great way to dry and maintain your Muay Thai gloves after training. Many gyms in Thailand recommend putting your gloves out in the sun for about 30 minutes after each session. This helps to keep them clean and dry, which can help extend their life. Not that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the leather to deteriorate and crack faster, as well as hasten color discolorization.

Can I Freeze My Gloves To Disinfect Them

The freezing myth is one of the more peculiar practices recommended to eliminate odors from gloves. Some people believe that freezing your gloves can kill the bacteria or fungi that causes the odor, but scientific sources have proven this to be false. Although freezing can kill some of the bacteria, it needs to be done at very low temperatures close to 2°F or -16°C. The remaining bacteria are put in a dormant state and stop growing in the freezer, but as soon as they are out of the freezer and warmed up, they become active again.

This means that while freezing may help reduce odors temporarily, it will not completely eliminate them. To truly get rid of odors from gloves, you must use a combination of cleaning methods such as washing with soap and water, using an enzyme cleaner, or applying an anti-bacterial spray. Additionally, you should make sure to air dry your gloves in a well ventilated area after each use and store them away from direct sunlight. Following these steps will ensure that your gloves stay clean and free of any unpleasant odors for longer periods of time.


That is probably much way more than you thought you need to know about cleaning your Muay Thai gloves, but make it a good habit and you will be building proper discipline!

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